Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Them files are back


A Pyrex Scholar said...

hey basso.. your not the first person to say that. el rezza said the same thing.

could it be that i have to many posts on the first page? ive got it set to 60 posts per page?

maybe its the avatar in the top right corner?

what browser are you using? and what happens to it?

basso said...

hi cosmo,

i am using the latest version of firefox and i guess it's the avatar.
I myself have lots of posts on the first page and that makes it a litle slow when you're visiting the first time. But when I'm over at yours everything freezes... and I have to shut down the browser to continue.


Laurent said...

Hi Basso

I'm just one (nearly) anonymous in a million, one of that guy that download at work because his work is so so boring...
For all the time I didn't leave any comment, xtra thanx for sharing all that good music.
It's really nice to you.
"Be blessed"


hideo said...

basso, just tripped in here and you have some great stuff!

would love to see those lovely Calig Lps (Key and Frederic Webold (s)) and that Jiggs Whigham and and the Supraphon Czech piano jazz back up, seems like Divshare deleted them--have noticed that divshare stuff on other sites seems to be failing more frequently

(have you tried sharebee or these guys, whcih seem to work better


both give the downloaders more options and you only have to upload once)