Monday, July 23, 2012

the joy of roasting apples over the campfire

this is something I wanted to do for ages already. a mix full of folksy tracks that I'd enjyo by a campfire. If you dig acoustic guitars, flutes and ambient kraut come over and roast your apples over the campfire ...

Direct link to the show
more from the dude who forgot to bring some matches (download all shows here)
deepest frequencies

Here's the tracklist for the spotters:

Bayon - Cherie
Captured Moments - Hell und Dunkel
Anders Karlen - Raphaels Dream
Alto - She's Gone
Kaarst - Ingwerfrau
Dagobert Böhm - Am Eulenturm
Thomas Almqvist - Conscious Dreams
Sango - Death In The Woods
Barhel & Bauer - Suite
KHJ Band - 111
Dennis Leather - Modest Girl
Tobrud - Rungholt
Nikitakis - Sam, Bay & Kiko
Pit Budde - Meine Schattenseiten
Games Of The Cloud - The Awakening of the Pharao

Thursday, July 19, 2012

After Machines . . .

Moving on into 1979 with Robbley and friends. A new project called Moebius with pretty much the same sounds and music esthetic. Doug Lynner is back on synthesizers, Evan Caplan is once again on the drum throne and John Stubbs is playing violin. Alex Cima has moved on to connecting with the cosmos, replaced by Steve Roach sitting in on the third synth chair. All the compositions are by Robbley and Lynner with the exception of the first track written by The Doors. This one was released on Moonwind Records in the US and later on various other labels in a few European countries.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Expect the Unexpected . . .

Okay, here we have some fresh sounds from the 70s. I'm sure anyone keeping track of sounds in the blogosphere are aware of Lem's 'Machines'. Alex Cima and Bryce Robbley composed the music for this effort and added some fairly leftfield lyrics to some of the tracks. The record was a private release on Wavefront Records (the only release on this label). The machines were various electronic music making devices: synthesizers, vocoders, Syndrums, arpeggiators, etc. Cima went on to produce some grail vinyls and Robbley was caught up in a Moebius strip (more on that later). All this occurred in 1977 on the left coast of North America.

Monday, July 9, 2012

wtf two

you surely know that there will be hits when you skip through a Joan Bibiloni record. But this one track from "Silencio Roto" TOTALLY amazed me .......... what about you?

wtf two

Friday, July 6, 2012

Synthpopsicle du Québec

Not much info about Kaméléon for some reason. They were apparently music majors studying  in Montreal. This is a one-off production. They recorded this album and it was released in 1981 on Pro-Culture. By the sounds on the record they seem to have known what they were doing. Who knows why they never recorded another album. Male and female vocals, two on keyboards and a good drummer make for a good band.