Monday, July 23, 2012

the joy of roasting apples over the campfire

this is something I wanted to do for ages already. a mix full of folksy tracks that I'd enjyo by a campfire. If you dig acoustic guitars, flutes and ambient kraut come over and roast your apples over the campfire ...

Direct link to the show
more from the dude who forgot to bring some matches (download all shows here)
deepest frequencies

Here's the tracklist for the spotters:

Bayon - Cherie
Captured Moments - Hell und Dunkel
Anders Karlen - Raphaels Dream
Alto - She's Gone
Kaarst - Ingwerfrau
Dagobert Böhm - Am Eulenturm
Thomas Almqvist - Conscious Dreams
Sango - Death In The Woods
Barhel & Bauer - Suite
KHJ Band - 111
Dennis Leather - Modest Girl
Tobrud - Rungholt
Nikitakis - Sam, Bay & Kiko
Pit Budde - Meine Schattenseiten
Games Of The Cloud - The Awakening of the Pharao


JIRO said...

1 minute in, already sounds great.

mari.cha said...


kyle cantrell said...

Super nice mix. What's the story with this Dennis Leather track, it's kind of bananas.

kyle cantrell said...

Super nice mix. What's the story with the Dennis Leather track, the guitars on that one are kind of bananas.

will said...

Did Dennis Leather do that song that has the lyrics, "turn around don't go back to your little old home town..."?

basso said...

Hi there, i don't know if there's a story with Dennis leather, but the Turn around song is by Norbert Gottschalk, the german Mark Murphy : )