Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My favourite SNOWBALL

Okay the picture may not fit the music, but I had to ....... I usually don't post single tracks, but in this case (and maybe a few more in the future) I'll make an exception. I do this because I just found another copy of an LP that I almost forgot about. Strange enough, because one of the LP's tracks always accompagnied me (on my mp3 player) for almost 4 years now. Unfortunately I didn't name that mp3 properly. It just said "Tender Storm" and every time I lisened to it I was tenderly blown away. And every time I listened to it I thought "You'll hav to go through your records to find out what this is" and of course forgot about that a minute later. Yesterday I saw a copy of an LP that I already had (at a decent price) and listened to it. You already guessed it: There it was. "Tender Storm" on Snowball's (Kristian Schultze, Curt Cress, ....) Defroster LP from 1977. I love it!!!!!

PS. Four years ago I placed this ca. 150x150x150 cm sized snowball on the local
doggy lawn in the town I studied. It was then coloured by several four-legged artists

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guest Mix #1 - Strange and cold

I am proud to have my first guest on the growing bin.
My man Cesare, a heavy collector, pulled the huge "cosmic secrets" drawer and picked a bunch of wild tracks for our listening pleasure. You'll find a tracklist for this eclectic mix in the folder. But always remember: listen first, then check the names.

So here we are:
Strange and cold - compiled with love by Cesare Barbetta - Lecce (Italy)

Thanks a lot Cesare!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Anna's Resumee: "Honesty has many faces - so have I"

The title of this post was translated from german and I got it from the info-sheet that came with the LP. It included a very straightforward letter from Mrs. Dobiey, adressed to the listener. I'll translate this another day ............ I hope you can read the text on the back cover, so lazy Basso doesn't have to type all the names like Kolonovits, Daansen & Pfannmüller that might make you curious about this here LP. It was recorded in Frankfurt about 1981 and is pretty interesting ; )
Please leave a comment if you know her personally! Also leave a comment if you don't!