Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the joy of cooking #24 - bella italia & more

dedicated to the man who taught me how to cook

since i started the joy of cooking I wanted to have a show dedicated to the world's #1 cuisine - bella italia. I gathered quite a few tracks so that it was getting more and more difficult to chose the "right ones". 2 weeks ago i stopped looking for the perfect tracks and just made part one. more parts will follow in the future... For part one I decided to leave out some usual suspects as well as ignore the so called "Italo Disco". Instead I focussed almost only on songs that I discovered in record shops (except from 2 or 3 tracks) and I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless....

cheers, Basso

If you like it a little more experimental "growing bin style" check out the show before.

it's #23 and it's called "lentil soup and heavy rain"
 I recorded it on a day that was the fourth day of heavy and constant rain in a row and it went well with the lentil soup that i was cooking afterwards....


YMO - Shadows On The Ground
Bernoff and Allen – Interlude
Haruomi Hosono – Down to earth
Carlos Peron – Frigorex
Din A Testbild – Tight Pants
Duet Emmo – ANC
Lask – Sucht
Klangräume – Swirl
Robin Taylor – Den Bla Salon
Bo Stief – Hidden Frontiers
K2 – The Body
Tam Tam – Tam Tam 02
Brunnmaier – Bell Mondo
Alu – Scheiss DDR
Mas and Alvim – Garvitude
Miroslav Vitous – Tiger in the rain
Akira Ito - ??
Slice of Oranges Edit
Tony Palkovic – Decisions
Quatermass – Punting
Glenn – Zeit
Dan Dare – Skyride
Duo Duett – Sushi Moto

Thursday, November 1, 2012

West Coast Experiment

Jazz? Maybe . . . Gnawa? Could be. Techno? Hmmm. Ethno-jazz-hop? Whatever it is, it works. This head scratcher was released in 2009 in Portland, Oregon. Very limited release, very scarce, very good. This duo outing with guests goes by Sesqui and Tahrei. The release is called Setenta Y Dos. We get lots of ethnic percussion, keyboards and jazzy horns and a bit of chanting on a couple tracks. This pair could produce a very entertaining live show.