Friday, April 22, 2011

the joy of cooking Vol. 8

last tuesday's show of the joy of cooking is archived and you can listen right here
or download it over here at deepfrequency

This time I kept them records together after work and the playlist comes right away...

Pierre Barouh - 80 A.B 
Barouh is the head of Saravah Records. This one's from a "solo" record on his own label and it's featuring Brigitte's Areski on percussion. Ça va, ça vient

Marx, Rootschilt, Tillermann & Amby - Tag ist Nacht
translated "Day is night". Good spotters may know these names as they've appeared on a compilation we had on the growing bin before - "Musik Szene Saar". Well, these men here made it to a longplayer and it's filled with folky goodies that don't lack positivity and excellent lyrics. German only, sorry!

Cast - Sweetness
From the lovely same titled LP. Italian rare groove....beautiful as the morning sun

?? - ??
Sorry, but this remains a secret until I found a copy for my friend Chee. Promise is promise!

Googie and Tom Coppola - Let this river flow
From "Shine the light of love" - all killer LP...

Music For No Drawer - Dynamic 147
comes from a semi-strange private press LP from North Germany, 1978. Lots of these lovely flutes on the whole thing. Maybe I'll post it here at the bin soon...

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane - A Message From The Underground Bunkers
Thanks a ton, Zeroy! This record from 2009 and you can get it from the guys directly.

Toni Esposito - Rosso Napoletano
First heard this a couple of years ago when blissfully zoning out on a friend's couch and I'm blessing him every time I'm listening to this. One of my "island records" for sure. Thank you, Tako!

Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney - Dreaming In Colors
The title track of their 1985 LP. You can buy the CD from Mr. Weingarten directly...

Trimolo - Tempo 100 
Guess who has a soft spot for private releases.
Tempo 100 comes from a lovely self titled new age / jazz / folk LP from 1988. Recorded somewhere in Bavaria (yep, doesn't sound like Bratwurst and Beer, does it?)

Captured Moments - Sehnsucht
and another private one. a longtime FAVE!

I hope you'll enjoy the sound!
Cheers, Basso

Monday, April 18, 2011

We Love Cats

Even if you don't like cats you might like this one. Originally on Better Days from 1982.... almost 30 years later here's a fresh rip of Kakashi. It seems like the CD reissue is out of print just as the LP version from back in the days. So I'm happy to share this record with you. Before I do I'd like to give respect to Jamie Tiller for unearthing this beauty and making us aware of the fantastic "Umi No Ue Kera" that was included in his "Evening Shadows" mix. Big thanks also for the trade ; )
After a few listens I snapped it's not a one tracker. What do you think?

Cheers, Basso

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Mix: Seven Towers by Tolouse Low Trax

I'm superhappy to present Seven Towers - a mix by Tolouse Low Trax, solo recording artist, member of Kreidler and the man behind the world famous Salon Des Amateurs. If you know previous mixes like "Ocean" over at Lovefingers, "Savant Dance" at Kosmonautenschule or Mix at Vessel you know what to expect. If you don't - I give you 4 words: Deep, Intelligent, Obscure, Percussive and Experimental. And that's just the tip of his iceberg......... here you go ... diving.

Danke Detlef!

Flowers for my pony

Here's a fresh rip of Ernesto Nicelli's Volume II from 1974 released on the italian Pony label that I recently aquired. A look at the back cover tells the experienced library collector* that it MIGHT hold some real nice tunes. And it does... Mr. Nicelli or one of his friends owns a Moog (or something with a similar sound) and another guy really knows how to treat his reduced drumset. Not to speak of the flutes and guitars. The outcome is cheesy - of course! And you don't have to miss the female choirs you know from the other dudes like Umiliani, etc... the only thing you're missing now is the link and that'll follow as soon as I cut the recording into pieces.
Cheers, Basso

PS. If anyone of you guys will be at the Utrecht fair this saturday. Let's have a beer!
And of course go there if you're near. Expect some beautiful music......
More info in the comments....

*(someday I may be one too)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turn Turn Turnaround

Tourner, Tourner

Forgive me, Mr. Chedid! Available for download just in case anybody's interested

Playlist "The Joy Of Cooking" Vol. 7

Propeller Island - Protect Me From Incompetent Decisions
Milan Svoboda & Kontraband - Siesta
Toquinho - Outra Historia
Dexter Wansel - The Sweetest Pain
Dianne Reeves - Hesitations
Valenthin Engel - Swan Song
Shlomo Bat AIn - Azure Treasure
?? - No Clue, will probably find out some day...
John Holt - Girl From Ipanema
Nii Amarh Gomez - Sore Sa Bi
Mellow - Sundance
Appaloosa - Bi Weekly
Soul Drummers - Now Or Never (Afro ART 004)
Syph - Schwesterlein
?? - Nope, I don't find it
Teri Moise - Il Sait (Phoenix Remix)
Takashi Toyoda - Snow
Control Company - Four Years Before 1984
Lucio Battisti - Il Nostro Caro Angelo
The Silent Jazz Ensemble - Estonian Mood
Pete Bardens - Many Happy Returns