Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flowers for my pony

Here's a fresh rip of Ernesto Nicelli's Volume II from 1974 released on the italian Pony label that I recently aquired. A look at the back cover tells the experienced library collector* that it MIGHT hold some real nice tunes. And it does... Mr. Nicelli or one of his friends owns a Moog (or something with a similar sound) and another guy really knows how to treat his reduced drumset. Not to speak of the flutes and guitars. The outcome is cheesy - of course! And you don't have to miss the female choirs you know from the other dudes like Umiliani, etc... the only thing you're missing now is the link and that'll follow as soon as I cut the recording into pieces.
Cheers, Basso

PS. If anyone of you guys will be at the Utrecht fair this saturday. Let's have a beer!
And of course go there if you're near. Expect some beautiful music......
More info in the comments....

*(someday I may be one too)


Mace Hane said...

Many thanks.
Be well.

aceha1 said...

Thank you very much sir! And yes, you ARE indeed an experienced collector!!

Anonymous said...

You are uploading sick stuff here.
Thanks a lot for the music education.
Can we have a link for that, since the one already here doesn't work?