Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Playlist "The Joy Of Cooking" Vol. 7

Propeller Island - Protect Me From Incompetent Decisions
Milan Svoboda & Kontraband - Siesta
Toquinho - Outra Historia
Dexter Wansel - The Sweetest Pain
Dianne Reeves - Hesitations
Valenthin Engel - Swan Song
Shlomo Bat AIn - Azure Treasure
?? - No Clue, will probably find out some day...
John Holt - Girl From Ipanema
Nii Amarh Gomez - Sore Sa Bi
Mellow - Sundance
Appaloosa - Bi Weekly
Soul Drummers - Now Or Never (Afro ART 004)
Syph - Schwesterlein
?? - Nope, I don't find it
Teri Moise - Il Sait (Phoenix Remix)
Takashi Toyoda - Snow
Control Company - Four Years Before 1984
Lucio Battisti - Il Nostro Caro Angelo
The Silent Jazz Ensemble - Estonian Mood
Pete Bardens - Many Happy Returns



Sooor said...

Awesome. Have been waiting for this :-D

What about the two tracks with the question marks? Don't you know their titles right now or don't you want to tell what they are? ;)

Anyway, thanks for the tracklist.
Already looking forward to the next show. :-)

basso said...

it took me some time to find out the playlist. when there's ??s I gave up on them. cannot spend the whole day looking for tracks .... although I'd love to : )

Sooor said...

But could you tell me where you got that Afro Art tune from? can't find any info on that track although it doesn't sound thaaat obscure(compared to some of the other tracks on the mix ;)

actually sounds like on of those tracks that you find on some kind of nu jazz comp from 2000 but in the context of the mix it really works and now that I've listened to the mix quite often I've come to like that tune even more.

so if you could share some info on it that'd be great :-)

basso said...

sorry, it was of course a 12" on the Afro ARt label. I was too lazy to look it up so I guessed the title. Obviously I was wrong.... fixed now

tal said...

This is great, love it, thanks for digging up such great tunes.

elusive said...

"Milan Svoboda & Kontraband - Siesta"
what a tune! thanks for the selection

basso said...

There's a CD reissue of that Kontraband LP. Just found a cheap copy and I think there's more of them... at amazon.de

Sooor said...
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elusive said...


thanks for the link, but i've already found it on ebay. thx!