Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dreamlike Land

Richard Schneider Jr.' s "Dreamlike Land" is my favourite LP for quite a while now.
Please excuse that I won't say anything about the style of this goody. Just imagine Jaki Liebezeit on Drums, a guy called Jumpy (Helmut Zerlett) on keys & synths, almighty Wolfgang Maus on Bass and an ironic Mr. Schneider on Glockenspiel, Acoustic 12 String guitar, Synthesizer, Tubelar Bells, Tambourine & Cowbells ........ See you at the beach!



Anonymous said...

let's hear this bad boy!

John Zahl said...

I'm eager to hear this bad boy!

beats said...

looks dope!

Mosquito said...

this looks incredible... can't wait to check this out! :)

basso said...

Sorry Guys,
I really forgot about leaving the link. Thought I did it already.... Been watching the Turks play soccer with my lady and had a beer as well....

Gianni said...

am I dreaming???
I hope a lot of people'll ask for its link, because I think Richard is a wonderful artist.
I hope to listen it just after Italy' European Cup debacle, in order to see a smile on my face...
ciao e grazie mille!

Jumpy said...

Hallo Leute,
Viel Spaß!!

Anonymous said...

many thanx!

Gianni said...

ohhh basso,
track 7 is psychmoogelectronicmadwonderful track!
track 5 is like Paradise!!!
track 3 is another orgasmDREAM track!
track 1 is crazy!!!

what can I say?
Basso I love this lp and I love your blog!

Jude said...


Now... if only I could get you (or someone) to post his Fata Morgana lp my search would FINALLY END!

Please Please Please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Basso,

Is a repost possible? DivShare reports the file is 404...



Captain Greencloud said...

Greetings from Vancouver BC - Thanks so much for this post, I used it as my stoned soundtrack while biking through the forest to a secret swim spot - beautiful in sooo many ways!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could here "the Children of the Universe" but it seems the link is not working - If you ever have a chance I'd love to hear that - Thanks for everything!!!

basso said...

Ahoi Captain, any imaginary beach girls at the secret swim spot? the link to Wolfgang Maus works fine for me!?!

Calisan said...

Orales!! simplemente hermoso con unos pasajes space increibles para viajarse un rato por el cosmos!
Debes escucharlo te guste lo q' te guste! Fantastico!

Anonymous said...

am downing this..
and will probably like it.

der stereo affe

basso said...

ik denk ook

Anonymous said...

Basso, first lemme say, this is my first comment. I'm easing into this whole music blog world, cold and naked, with much trepidation... This album is genius. its a great mix of strange psych lyrics and laughs, tinkering sound globules and enough driving drums to feed a family. Harvest label usually yields!

Really enjoying your blog, thanks for all the hard work.

peace into the FUTUR! -HossMack

Premini said...

I'm a total fan of this album, but I never read a biography of this guy, Do you know where can I find some information?

You have a great blog.

basso said...

Hi Premini,

the only Information I have is from the backcovers of his 2 LPs.
Sorry, even Google leads you here or to the Dreamchimney or to Discogs....
Good luck and tell me if you find more info!!

The Red Room said...

Great LP, great blog. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jude that someone should post the 'Fata Morgana' album which one ups this album in my view. Been looking for that one for quite a while now. Cosmic Heaven! Also, thank you Basso for putting this one up. Cheers.

steve_krypton said...

One of the best record I've heard since a long time.
1000 thx for your share, FANTASTIC MUSIC.

thoth said...

any new (to me) jaki liebezeit is something to look forward to. thank you so much for sharing.

anna said...

not surprised this has 23 comments so far. Here's another. Yo Basso, from another chim, thanks




Any chance you could post the mp3 link again?

basso said...

Hi "Glad to know you",

the link in the 7th comment works fine for me.

mick55 said...

Richard Schneider Jr. - Fata Morgana

Richard Schneider Jr.: guitar, keyboard, vocals, production
Karin Faust: vocals
Brigitte Witt: vocals
Axel Heilhecker: guitar
Dominique von Senger: Guitar
"Jumpy" Helmut Zerlett: Keyboard
Jaki Liebezeit: drums
Stephan Krachten: drums on "Nightmare feeling"


Anonymous said...

First hearing in the Early 80´s! Today i read his Name in my old database and find the Record in your Blog. Many thx vonTOM

Sooor said...

Just found this on a flea market today. :)

How did you find out about who plays on this record (Jaki Liebezeit, Helmut Zerlett etc)? On my cope the only person credited is Richard Schneider himself?


basso said...

Congrats! What country do you live in?
There is a printed innersleeve that contains all the information. one of the previous owners of your copy obviously got rid of it ; )

Sooor said...

not sure if I clicked the "publish"-button last time I posted so just in case I didn't here's my answer a 2nd time:

@I'm from Germany. too bad the booklet was missing :(
when you're really bored one day, you could scan it for me ;)

Peter PleasureCruise said...