Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the growing bin informs again

After Cracklin' Chimney (thanks a lot, man) posted a Lullatone video over at Dreamchiney's TOTD I ordered the first copy I could get a hold of. This is some damn beautiful music. I'm pretty sure it will make children sleep and dream the sweetest dreams but it also creates a wonderful atmosphere in our adult kitchen everytime I play that CD (and that's almost daily!!!)

How they promote the CD here: “Let Lullatone send you to sleep with their newest collection of lullabies. Originally composed for their newborn son, this set of merry-go-round melodies is the perfect bedtime background music for babies and adults alike. Each track is specially composed to loop seamlessly using the “repeat one” function on your CD or mp3 player, allowing unlimited long listening. Single melodies can also be enjoyed seamlessly for hours at a time as you drift to dreams, letting the songs spin in circles. And the artwork also uses a special die cut cover to allow the music’s disc to spin too! The production on the album features a high level of sound science to ensure ultimate effectiveness in snooze induction. Underwater recordings, heartbeats as drumbeats and tape hiss as ambient white noise are just the beginning of the shuteye science the duo employed to create their most careful concept album to date.”

Ace present for young parents btw ; )