Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the joy of cooking #20: a coffe, a beer, green tea and some fresh orange juice

at least i found a pic with green tea and orange juice (kyoto!). please imagine the coffe and the beer - and feel free to check out another show of the joy of cooking aired tuesday 12th of april:

here (stream)
the lovely restaurant

including tracks by Sloe Gin, Radar, Aragon, Kaseke, Wolfgang Käfer, Exkurs and others.... Cheers, Basso


Zeroy said...

Downing. We call that combination Caffahol in these parts. My personal favorite drug, actually. Judging from that list of artists I'm in for a treat
Thank you!

tal said...

Joy indeed !

tal said...

Can you post a playlist for this show, esp. want to know what is the second song.

thanks !

basso said...

Hi Tal, second song is "Gran Canaria" by Sloe Gin. Comes from an insane german comp on Michael Bundt's Offers label....

tal said...

thanks basso!

any chance of you posting this album, didn't find any copy for sale :(