Friday, June 18, 2010

super "off topic" shit

I'm pretty far from being a tifoso, but the dude you see above really makes me spit fire. He, as a proper control freak is obviously getting a kick out of pulling cards from his pockets. (as you can easily see his little excitement in the lower part of the picture ; )


Zeroy said...

Wasn't sure what that Cheers would lead to. Sure wasn't expecting Enzo.

Josh Rachbach said...

Wanted to shower some gratitude on this, my favorite website of sites. And thanks for all the patient work getting this stuff to is. In return, all I can offer is for my electronic albums that you'll hopefully dig. You might like the instrumentals better as it's more in the vein of these arp odysseys.



USAFan said...

USA should've won 3-2 today. Ireland should've been in the World Cup. Bad officiating happens in every sport. Notice how the judges are always the ones who hate being judged the most. Support Instant Replay.

Love the website. Keep up the good work.

Zeroy said...

Thanks for the link, Josh. You have a lot to share on that site. I'm working my way through the videos and have downloaded one of the albums. It was one with vocals which work fine to my ears.
I'm gonna post a link on Dream Chimney.

basso said...

WOW! Great stuff, Josh. Have you thought about touring Europe?