Thursday, November 3, 2011

the joy of cooking #14

Before I forget: Last weeks Joy of cooking has been archived some days ago and is including some amazing edits by Jantronix Schulte and Abel as well as a couple of recent faves by yours truly.

direct access to some ham'n eggs

Tarney Spencer -  It's Really You Jan Schulte Edit
Hiroshi Sato - Say Goodbye Edit
Abel - Aegean Sea
Ken Elliot - Are You Ready
Jörg Reiter - A New Surprise
Merge - Back In Style
Norbert Gottschalk - Turnaround Bossa
Jean Pierre Thanes - La Course De Jeune Homme
Five Pipes - Red Clay
ARtful - Waiting
Andreas Schifferdecker - Vertigo
Macky Feary Band - You're Young
Cheers, Basso


Anonymous said...

Amazing one...what's the third track here? (an edit I believe) ... Stoned at the record store in Chicago diggin it.

Crackhead just walked in, danced thirty feet straight to the counter and asked "What this is?"

basso said...

damn right, an edit called Aegean Sea by mighty Abel.

JIRO said...

Any chance of tracklists for this and the last Joy of Cookin?

basso said...

playlist added! cheers, basso