Thursday, February 28, 2013

the joy of warming up the year's faves

the joy of cooking #25 - the joy of warming up the year's faves

#25 is made from tracks that I used in mixes throughout 2012. Be it shows of the joy of cooking or mixes i made for other websites, shops, people .... PLUS some tracks that i ALWAYS wanted to use but never managed to.....

Thanks a LOT to these lovely girls and guys hosting my mixes:
Guillaume and Simon / Deepfrequency: The joy of cooking
Chee / Organic Music: The Latest Fashion
Brka and Schwabe / Disco Not Disco: Morning Flight To Belgrade
Maricha / Higher Love: Lost In The Supermarket
Jonny Nash / LNCC: Shopping at LNCC

and finally here's my "faves" of 2012

direct link

John Elder - Ma (Lost In The Supermarket)
Touch - Gethsemane (always wanted to have this in a mix since end of 2010)
Gigi Masin - Almanac (Lost In The Supermarket)
Queerbeet - Hypnos (Shopping at LNCC, The joy of shopping before cooking #22)
James Morisson - Pinnacles (The joy of cooking #?)
Tullio De Piscopo - Silva Mala (Morning Flight To Belgrade)
Country Joe McDonald - Breakfast For Two (Shopping at LNCC)
Dennis Lather - Modest Girl (The joy of roasting apples over the campfire #21)
Santiago - Don't Worry (always tried to find a decent place for this : )
Hiroshi Sato - Kalimba Night (The joy of cooking #?)
Kalimba 6 - Still On My Mind (The joy of shopping before cooking #22)
Metropolitans - All Our Stars (Lost In The Supermarket)
Tony Etoria - I Can Prove It (Shopping at LNCC)
Aragon - Horridula (the joy of enjoying japanese cuisine #19)
Small Pop Group - Love By Night (personal holy grail)
Dan Dare - Skyride (The joy of cooking #?)
Green Cosmos - Über dem Berg (The joy of cooking #16)
John Elder - And I Come Here (Morning Flight To Belgrade)
Bevan Manson - Metaphysical Rhumba (The Latest Fashion)

Cheers, Basso


CLARK said...

Ah man, I love it.

Zeroy said...

Sounds great up on the hill at Port Costa! Works very nicely with a slowly setting sun. Faves have extra special sauce . . .

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes.