Monday, February 18, 2013


      Philippe Besombes - Princess Lolita

    WTF? Give it a listen and see if you don't agree. In the late 70s the French label, Divox, approached Philippe Besombes about releasing an album of his music. Most of the tracks presented were experimental tracks for ballet, different films, etc. Divox wanted a "hit". Being the late 70s a hit would necessarily be in the disco vein as disco was pretty much ruling the airwaves and clubs. What Besombes delivered was Princess Lolita. Not exactly hit material, but fun none the less. The male vocals are slowed way down and the female vocals are sped up to the point of sounding like a cartoon. Cesi est Cela featured 4 tracks from Besombes' archives and the 'hit'. The album was reissued 35 years later on CD with 6 bonus tracks and Princess Lolita was included as the first track but was given the number 0. Very confusing to most CD players, so the track is pretty much skipped. That's probably the way Philippe Besombes intended it to be.


basso said...

WOW! wtf for sure.
I love Lolita!!

El Isabelino said...

My jaw is still on the floor. Thanks for the tune. Saludos.

mhdotcom said...

Would you please reupload this?

mhdotcom said...

Would you please reupload this? It must be so cheesy.