Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Henri Aleksi - Closing Time In Mexico

the growing bin has been sent some lovely mixes in the last weeks and and I'm sorry that didn't yet manage to post these - until today!
so we're going to spoil you with 3 mixes in a row now - starting off with Henri Aleksi's Closing Time in Mexico.
Henri's a music lover from Helsinki. He's studying Portugese and Latin American studies - no surprise then that there's a lot of that wonderful south american organic sound in the mix. He mingles it with contemporary classical, blissful jazz, ambient and balearic tunes and creates an atmosphere that makes me want to set sails for the desert.....and blissfully drift away - LISTEN!

Thanks Henri!!

PS. more of his Sound here & here


Siphonophoros said...

Very pleasant mix, reminiscent of early Jose Padilla. A track-list would be nice. Thanks for the share.

Jack&Emma said...

I'd love a track listing too!

Peace and love from Beijing


Jack&Emma said...

I'd love a track list too

Peace and love from Beijing


Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening, I like the Padilla association. Here's the tracklist:

Alan Hawkshaw & Hank Marvin - Human Desert
Hajime Mizoguchi - Guernica
Michael Bierylo Ensemble - Closing Time In Mexico
Stéphane Martini - Amazone
Drahcir Ztiworoh - Eros Never Stops Dreaming
Hiroyuki Namba - Tropical Exposition (LP version)
Javier Bergia - Midnight Round Mekiness
Spike - Kanti Dadum
Alexander - Working My Way
Fiedler/Eitner/Schlott - Unit I
Eblen Macari - La Constelación Del Pejelagarto