Sunday, January 13, 2013

Antony Kein - Embracing the light

our first guest mix this year comes from Athens based musician, DJ and collector Antony Kein. It's a wonderful blissed out trip full of ambient beauties and balearic jazz and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.


and make sure to check out his mixes also at Plaid Music, ANOE, Amen Brother, Higher Love and Pleasure Cruis'n


angelica said...

beautiful mix! i love it!

timothy said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. thank you antony for this wonderful hour.

Antony Kein said...

Thank you so much Aggeliki and Timothy for your kind words and for your support. Your feedback means the world to me !!!

Susan Balmar said...

this is really great.. is there any track listing?

Antony Kein said...

Here it is :

1.Petar Ugrin-emina
2.Vladimir Furduj Furda-medy
3.Night Ark-adolescence
4.Seigen Ono-Julia
5.Michael Franks-you were meant for me
6.Cornelis Vreeswijk-deirdres samba
7.Andreas Vollenweider-belladonna
8.Alain Goraguer-la longue marche
9.James Litherland-where to turn
10.White Elephant-sir John
11.Ney Matogrosso-promessas demais
12.Ennio Morricone-amore come dolore
13.Pat Metheny-hermitage
14.Pat Metheny-antonia
15.Michael Schrieve-Las Vegas tango

Ilya Bogatyrev said...

It was really nice to start my day with this relaxing, really pleasant mix. Wish you all the best!

Antony Kein said...

Thank you so much Ilya. I'm really glad that you enjoyed my mix !!!

Instant Peterson said...


What a way to begin the weekend. Absolutely sublime Antony, forthcoming fresh Autumn morning walks have just taken on a whole new dimension.

Antony Kein said...

Thanks a lot mate!!! The fact that my mix makes you wanna listen to it during your walks puts a big smile on my face!