Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sincerely P.T.

As promised and then requested here's one of my favourite
german Jazz lps - Peter Trunk's "Sincerely P.T." released on
the tiny Aamok sublabel of Spiegelei Records in 1973.
For information about Mr. Trunk please ask Wikipedia,
they know him there. I knew his name from some
Doldinger LPs and the beautiful "Ultra Native" by Bora Rokovic
on MPS. When i realized that "Soft hands had the rain" from
Rokovic's album is also featured on this lp here i was willing
to pay whatever they wanted. Took me some time to find it

Rest in peace, Peter Trunk and thank you very much!!!!

Manfred Schoof, tp
Shake Keane, flh
Jiggs Whigham, tb
Jasper van't Hof, keyboards
Siegfried Schwab, git + tarang
Curt Cress, dr
Joe Nay, dr + perc
Peter Trunk, b-g

recorded 1973 in Studio 70 , Munich



oui said...

thanks, great album probably, but i can't succeed to download it. please could you make an alternative rapidshare or megaupload or zshare link? divshare is definitely a real pain in the ...

Anonymous said...

I can´t tell you how much I thank you! Very, very cool! I told you that I heard some tracks on the radio back then, and the real thing is as good as my memory made me believe.
No wonder - look at the people involved: the crème de la crème of early seventies german jazzrock-scene.
What makes me a bit thoughtful is the fact, that I lived (and still live) in the town where the record company (Intercord) was based, which distributed the Spiegelei-Label, and I couldn´t get a copy of this album even back then!

Thanks again,


basso said...

Hi folks,
i have tried to upload the files to zshare but i waited for an hour and nothing happened. i'll try megaupload tomorrow, cheers

basso said...

Hallo Manfred, wo kommt Intercord denn her?
schöne Grüße und viel Spaß mit der Musik, Basso

Anonymous said...

Die waren in Stuttgart und wurden irgendwann in den 90ern an EMI verkauft. Wir waren traurig damals, weil Intercord trotz kommerziellem Erfolg (Depeche Mode !) als engagiert und fair galt. Spiegelei war - wenn ich mich recht entsinne - ein Label der Intercord für Deutschrock-Geschichten. Kraan und Hölderlin waren dabei, aber auch Eulenspygel, Amos Key, Tomorrow´s Gift und Brainstorm. Der größte Teil des Katalogs dürfte jetzt in EMI´s Kellern versauern wie so vieles aus der Zeit....

Danke noch mal für P.T.

Gruß, Manfred

Pekis said...



Burning Blue Soul said...

Thank you VERY much for posting this gem. With my man Shake Keane no less!!

Kraut - Jazz & More said...

Many Thanks for this great Post!!!!

phil said...

I seemed to have missed the boat ...file not found , whats the chance :)

basso said...


only for you:

Anonymous said...

I'm not Phill but I really appreciate the reup. Just discovered your blog and its a good one.

phil said...

Basso ...what can I say
I owe you many many thanks

il angelo said...

Big thanks for this, Basso.I only knew Mr Trunk from some MPS LPs but after listening to some M Schoof's and their New Jazz Trio, I have become interested.

boogieman said...


hi just saw this post. I collect albums where Shake keane is playing. I used to see him every week, playing at the Aquatic Club, in Vila, when i was living in St Vincent (West Indies) in the late seventies.
Any hope to get it re-posted?
Most of the records he's on are pretty hard to find. There have been reissues of his UK-based work (Ace of Clubs / Decca) but the works he did on the continent, e.g. with Charlie Antolini is now highly collectable.

Thanks in advance.

warezload said...

Can anyone upload this album again?

basso said...

Peter says:


Andy said...


Can you please re-upload this again? The divshare link appears but when you d/l it is only a 0k file.


basso said...

the link in the description is active again,

hideo said...

sweeeeet, digging this right NOW

music monk said...

I am very into spiritual jazz, afro-centric jazz and jazz-rock.
I own many reissues of American albums and I am only now beginning to realize that there was also a very prolific scene here in Europe.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting - and this is true - since 1976!!! to hear this wonderful record again. I thought, I would never hear it again. Thank you so much. What great musicians. Incredible!

Kim said...

This man Peter Trunk was my Uncle. And a wonderful, brilliant and gentle man he was. His wife just passed away this Christmas Day, My Aunt Stella, and they are both looking down upon us all. They are both greatly missed and if you could keep their spirit alive through the love of their music they would be most honored.

Kimberly Shaw

basso said...

Hi Kimberley,
your comment really touched me. Somehow I felt that your uncle must have been a great person.
I read a bit about him, seen some pictures and most of all I've been listening to some unbelievable melodies he wrote and played.
"Soft hands had the rain" a unique P.T. composition is one of my all time favourites.
Your aunt Stella's voice is to be heard on a LP that features poems by Heinrich Heine with music by your uncle and some other great men. When I read your comment, I immedieately heard her voice and got a shiver. If you read this please leave me an email adress where I can send the track she's singing. I wish you and your family all the best in the world and hope that you get over losing your aunt.
She lives on in our minds.....
Best regards,

Patrick said...

Peter Trunk was my beloved brother-in-law. Not only was he full of wonderful musical talent but he exuded love that touched everyone he knew. And he was madly in love with my sister. My sister Stella Trunk passed away on Christmas Day 2008. But she really died on the night we lost Peter, New Years Eve 1973. Though gifted with a beautiful voice, she never sang again. I believe that she has waited for this day for 35 years. Now they are re-united and making beautiful music among the Angels.

Patrick Pittelli

Starsailor said...

what a great album, thanks a lot !!!

Anonymous said...

Peter Trunk and his wife, Stella were very dear friends of mine when I lived in Cologne, Germany and we were all in the music business. We shared many wonderful nights together, cooking, listening to music and just enjoying each others company. Stella was a very original character and Peter was easily one of the most memorable, lovable people I have ever known. Sweet and gentle are words that come to mind. They were quite a unique couple.

As a singer, I recently had the opportunity to return to Cologne to record and tour with the WDR band...the very one Peter was a member of. I relived some of our moments together when I walked past their old apartment (and mine.) It was very bittersweet. There were many musicians then(Americans and Europeans)who were part of that group, and Peter and Stella were very much at the forefront of our community. There are a million stories to tell.

I saw Stella after Peter was killed in a tragic auto accident in New York, but over the years sadly lost contact with her. Needless to say, I was brokenhearted to read that she had died, and in the past few days have relived many of our days together.

I've tried to find her brother, Peter because I might be able to share some memories with him. I also think I have a few photos of them, when life was much kinder.

I shall miss them for the rest of my days.

If anyone reads this, and has any knowledge of how I might find Stella's relatives, please reach out.

Anita Gravine

basso said...

Hi Anita, many thanks for your post. Please contact Patrick (Peter's brother in law) at
Best regards, Basso

marram62 said...

wow...awesome blog! here i am, way back in your 2007 posts, and there's still a live link! man, you're so 'on it'! thanks for just being you!
You Rock!

Anonymous2 said...

I got this record and love it, too.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada. Thank you, basso, for this posting. It was moving to read the many comments from Peter's family and friends. I have been listening to this album since buying it in 1978. It remains on of my favourite recordings of European jazz of the era. Again, many thanks.


Anonymous said...

i still own thr original vinyl and agree with the posters above - it´s a gem

a poster from germany

Anonymous said...

@basso: We are most indebted to you for this pearl, any chance of reencoding as a lossless format, e.g. flac? The original vinyl is way out of my budget at ca. 150-200 Euros.

R. Heeren, Denmark

basso said...

hi there, sorry but I have no idea about flacs and stuff. Best, Basso

James Manion said...

basso, divshare link still good. Some of my favorite people what a treat. I'm having a field day thanks to you. Thank God I found you.

Anonymous said...

This is just awesome! I have recently been listening to a lot of music for I was lucky one day and carried out over 800 albums out of someone's house who had died and had a life long collection from classical symphony to Jazz. They were going to throw it all out in the dumpster and I saw the ad on craigslist take all or take none for it is all getting thrown in dumpster . I just couldn't believe somebody was gonna throw this great collection out. So I found a spot in my house for it all. So I've recently started listening to a lot of Jazz and I hadn't listen to my Uncle Peter's album since I was a Kid for my ears weren't mature enough for this style music just yet. But now that I'm an adult, My ears have a new use !! And listening to this album "sincerely P.T." Now I understand the warmth inside u feel that everybody talks about when listening to Jazz , all you have to do is open up your mind, heart and soul . And Uncle Peter's album, all I can say is ❤️��❤️��❤️��������������������!!!��❤️!!!