Thursday, September 20, 2007

I don't see why you should bring up name like random rap for this kind of dope stuff

The title track is so darn wack that i couldn't even use the photo of side a. It's called "Everything I own" and yes, it's a cover version and these guys dare to sing!! The raps on this "close to completely silly" schmoov groover definitely stand in tradition of LL Cool J's "I need love". Fortunately the other tracks rock like hell. James Brown samples, some dope cuts and a superb rapper that really goes for gold. Guess what song was used for "Goodfoot"? My favourite is "Dance to Excalibur". Rapper X-Calibur goes berzerk over Herman Kelly's "Dance to the drummers beat" without a stop!!

Released on EMF reocrds in 1988
Executive Producer Michael Moody
Special Thanks to DJ E.F. Cuttin (P.F.?)

download link on request


Cosmo said...

down load link?

basso said...

you're faster than i thought

Lafayette said...

Great blog, Basso! I'll link you up immediately! :¬)


basso said...

Thanks a lot Lafayette,
i i find the time the next days i'll record the "Solid Rock" and contribute it to your great blog.

DROK said...

dope fo sho', Ty 4 the classics!

orlando said...


Please upload again if possible.

many thanks