Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blow that trombone, Jigga

Sorry for that stupid title!
This is Jiggs (Oliver Haydn) Whigham's second album under his own name.
The first one is "Values" on the infamous MPS label from the black forest and
is really hard to get nowadays. Besides from that album he appeared on a bunch
of great MPS records like most of Peter Herbolzheimers Rhythm Combination & Brass joints or on Charly Antolini's funky "Soul Beat" or on Peter Trunk's massive "Sincerely P.T." on the superrare Aamok lable ( I will probably post that in few weeks time). I like this one more than his first, because it's a great mix of up and down, slow and fast, jazzy and funky, latin & even a feel of boogaloo.

Produced and arranged by Jiggs Whigham
Jiggs Whigham - trombone, percussion
Ferdinand Povel - saxes, flutes
Rob Franken - piano, fender rhodes
Nils Henning Orsted Pedersen - bass
Grady Tate -drums

Recorded in Cologne , January 24th 1976.
Released 1977 on Telefunken

download link on request


Quimsy said...

Hi - respect to u on your fine blog.

Am a fan of "Values" by Jiggs Whigum but don't have this, his 2nd LP.

The download link would be greatly appreciated.



basso said...

hi quimsy,
here you are:
i hope you'll enjoy the tunes.
if you like that kinda stuff you should check out the "Trombone Workshop" on MPS.
best regards,

Quimsy said...

much appreciated Basso...

Anonymous said...

Please, is there any hope to have other records by him? For example those on MPS.

My best regards

basso said...

Hey Aldo,
there's going to be more in a while......

Anonymous said...

I would gladly welcome the post of Peter Trunk´s LP. I heard two pieces in the seventies in a local SDR radio broadcast (yes, they broadcasted music like that back then), but never saw a single copy of the album since thirty years.
I like his playing on Volker Kriegel´s "Spectrum" and I´m curious, what his solo-album is all about.


phil said...

another one, I sadly missed the magical link :(

basso said...

Great Blogs, Phil!
Seems like you're into Sitar sounds!
Check out my latest Post. There's a LP with a very colourful cover. It holds 2 very beautiful uptempo Sitar-Funk tracks.
By the way - here's something for you:

phil said...

A little blog just for fun, hope you enjoyed the visit

Thank you again, Im mostly a jazz man (I was formerly el reza, saw your blog link @ OIR)
Any requests ..

basso said...


You're a jazz man!
I looked up your El Reza Blog and it is (was) filled with extraordinary goodies. That Michael Naura LP for example is one of my favourite Jazz LPs ever! Lots of the LPs featured there, I don't even know.....

You said requests:
I'm still looking for the first Frederic Rabold Crew LP on Calig (and will post the later ones "Open House" and "Balance" in a while as well as some Wolfgang Dauner)


phil said...

Yeah I have shut the blog down now as I am back to work
If there are any albums you want from there or any others drop me your email @ eastern eye I have comment moderation so wont post it or just say and I'll post any links here
I cant help with the Frederic Rabold but maybe can with W Dauner as I have most

REEF said...

came across your blog, wow, its pretty unbelievable

ive also been lookin for this Jiggs Whiggum- Hope lp for awhile but the link seems to be down
i was wonderin if there was any way you could hook it up
my email is

Diamond Music Group/Coalmine Records

Jazzrealities said...

Guten Tag
Könnten Sie so freundlich sein und die Jiggs LP nochmals hochzuladen. Ich würde diese gerne mal wieder hören.
Schauen Sie doch mal auf meine Seite. Wir könnten verlinken, wenn Sie möchten.

basso said...

Ihr Wunsch ist mir Befehl! Der Link taucht dann hier in den Comments auf....
Ich werde nun auch eine Link zu Ihrer Seite setzen. Sind Sie es, der Jazz in Deutschland geschrieben hat. Wenn ja, meine Hochachtung! Viele Grüße, Basso

frank said...

Hi basso,

kannst du das album nochmal reinstellen? ich bin ein großer rob franken fan und kenne dieses album nicht und würde sehr gerne mal reinhören...gruß frank

p.s. growing bin ist der blog mit der besten musik den es gibt. ich schau mind.1 mal in der woche vorbei.

basso said...

Sorry guys, it seems like the link was here al the time but nobody including myself snapped it.

I added it on February 6, 2008 for the fist time ; )

Best regards, Basso

frank86 said...

danke basso!

Michael said...

Thank yu very much !
I found it!