Thursday, September 20, 2007

Herzlichst, Inge

Vielen dank, liebe Inge. Thanks a lot dear Inge for this
lovely EP from 1960 that holds one of my favourite vocal
jazz tracks ever. "There will never be another you"
really gets me going. The way she streches the words
reminds me of the good old Mark Murphy.
Yeah right, this might be something for the brainwashed
Peterson follower as well as for Jazz lovers around the globe.
Check out "Lover Man" and you know why they've printed
"Europe's Best Jazz Singer" on the front cover.
I hope i don't sound like I want to sell it....


Anonymous said...

Please Send Link to

jun Philip said...

please send link to

basso said...

hi guys,

here's the way to Inge:

tell me how you like it,


Anonymous said...

Thank you...wonderful:))

Steve, UK

Jazzsoulman said...

Yeah man, I like it. Better: I love it. Thank you

Frédéric Hartmann said...

could you please send me a new link to
Would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

basso said...

here you are:


DubMe said...

Thanks! The DL link is still working... Just kinda discovering your blog... and I am going through the post one by one... I had this Inga album in my hands ages ago... but was probably looking for something else back then... Now I am finally going to give it a good listen! Thanks for all the great music you keep introducing to me...