Monday, October 12, 2009

Brave New World

Brave New World - Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley (1972 Vertigo).
A kraut fave over here! Instead of finding some words on this release I decided to copy the fantastic review marcelrecords wrote over at the LPs discogs entry on May 20, 2009

"Yes, this must be a concept album, at least according to the title, but not much inside the grooves conveys a Huxleyan atmosphere. Although the brainchild of OBrien, who wrote or co-wrote all the material, the main ingredient is the truly magical flute of Geller, who can produce any style imaginable and does so convincingly, too.
A sad recorder over solemn organ in Prologue slowly gives way to the warm sound patterns of Alpha, a versatile piece of jazzy rock and leading to passages with experimental use of different tape speeds. Lenina is very serene with a narration and multi-voiced flutes, while Soma is krautrock in the best of traditions with long guitar improvisations over a floor of organ. Almost early Pink Ployd, but with the unusual sound of an embedded flexatone. And there is Malpais Corn Dance, an unlikely track that sounds like folk music played by Martians.
Side B is dominated by the long suite The End (nothing to do with The Doors, of course) which pulls all stops. Wistful wind, English horn, ocarina, double-tracked recorders, sombre monks choirs, Scottish percussion, wild electric guitars, heavy synths, cascading saxes, soft-horror, well anything almost, but somehow forged into a meaningful whole, that can hardly be compared with anything else we have heard. Krautrock in its best form, an at times almost magical record!"

Be sure to scroll way down for some more Herb Geller!

cheers, Basso

link removed! 600 downloads and 1 comment is a slap in the face.

If you come here and don't find a link say thank you to those leechers.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog, thanks for your efforts.


Zeroy said...

And having a piss poor memory sucks, too. I clicked this tag to see where it led and realized I downed this ages ago and never unpacked it. Listening now and it's a gem. Probably not the easiest item to come by hard copy wise. So mega thanks!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, I came across your blog too late to DL this from you. Luckily, I was able to find it elsewhere :)Thanks for making me aware of this great album! Now I just need to leave feedback on some of the other incredible entries that you've posted. I love this blog.

Andrew said...

Though I'm out of luck on the download I'm with you all the way on your attitude to the parasitic mindset. Oh well, don't let it drag you down

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that others can't give the courtesy to say thanks. Thanks for making me aware of this release...I'll look for it elsewhere.