Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sezon Dozhdei - Return

Sezon Dozhdei are a Russian space prog band originally formed in St. Petersburg in 1979. Multi-instrumentalist Maksim Pshenichnyi joined the band in 1984 and they recorded their first record in 1988. By the time this lp was recorded in 1992, Pshenichnyi and the drummer/percussionist, Alexei Petrov were the only full time members left. They were joined on this session by Alex Zubarev on guitar and flute, Maksim Kuznetsov on 'free guitar' and Rinaldo on vocals for the last track. The music moves between quiet ambient passages and intense sections with Floydian guitar solos and synthesizer flights. The songs are primarily instrumental with wordless vocals adding an extra dimension on a couple tracks.

Track list:
Side A
1. Запахи Леcа (Smells of the Forest)
2. К чиcтой воде (Fresh Water)
Side B
1. Красная ночь (Red Night)
a) Часть 1 (Part 1)
b) Часть 2 (Part 2)



basso said...

Off on a synthesizer flight .... greetings from above the clouds,

ps. thanks for the ticket, Paul!

zencd said...

Thanks from Russia!