Monday, December 14, 2009

Space Waves

Mythos became a solo project with the release of Quasar. Last two records before this were by a quartet and the two before that by a trio. Stephan Kaske was always in the band playing multiple instruments including flute, guitar and synthesizers and usually vocals on vocal tracks. Kaske added vocoders to the list with this release which often gets scathing reviews from Prog Purists who accuse him of adopting a new wave sound. The sound is very different but to my ears better than the 2 predecessors. As usual he is playing flute and guitar but the main sound seems to be Moog, Arp, Roland and Korg synthesizers. Spacier than most of the new wavers of the time; more SpaceWave. Markus Worbs played drums and percussion on Nurse Robot and the last four tracks on side b. Stephan Kaske used a drum computer for the rest.



basso said...

Thanks Zeroy! That video you posted at the chimney is great. Kaske rules hard!

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

thank you Zeroy.
Cosmic Sky!

Anonymous said...

very great post ! thanks a lot!

jovial said...

been playing the shit outta this one lately. thx