Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dark Side of Von Deyen

First time a friend played this lp for me I thought I was hearing some newly discovered set of lost tunes from the Floyd circa '71 or thereabouts. But this was a newish session recorded by Adelbert Von Deyen in 1981. Uwe Johannsen's guitar has such a Gilmouresque quality and Von Deyen's vocals fit the Pink Floyd mold as well as Gilmour, Waters, or Wright's. The lyrics lean toward the darker side; sounds like Adelbert wasn't happy with the direction society was moving. 1981; who can blame him?
Von Deyen: Keyboards, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, vocals and sound effects
Uwe Johannsen: Electric Guitar
Zabba Lindner: Drums and percussion



basso said...

Perfect for these days whe the rain just won't stop. Though I'm not losing hope... Reminds me of Richard Schneider's Illusions for some reason!
Thanks for filling my Deyen Gap!!!!!!

Edgar Olivier Charles said...

Thanx for this one!

I love his record "Atmosphere" so I'm excited to hear this...