Thursday, December 16, 2010

and another one - the joy of cooking #4

our little friend in the pic is now eaten by psyched out squirrels and the remains are covered with snow. HERE's the joy of cooking #4

This one's pretty much "growing bin" style : ) and finally heeeere's the almost complete tracklist:

01. Gaya – Intro
# the german copy of this wonderful LP is slightly different from the french original
Iskander –
Eltneg Tnaig
# private german prog. read the title backwards ; )
Christian Chevalier – Signature

# you spotted a Doom sample? Mee too
Roland Kovac Set –
# keepin the library vibe
Adrian Wagner –
Virgins Of The Sun
# this one's coming from his Inca LP. Very nice record!
Gaya – Allo Atchoum
# also from the german copy, but this does not differ...
07. Joel VDB – Chipland Liquids
# another track from a Colorsound library - a raibow in your record shelf : )
Secret Ströer

# No, I'm not telling the secret!
World Guarantee Ochestra – Boroboro Woman

# a danish group. very interesting and by what I know by now - ALL KILLER
10. Mamadeus – Omenom
# Mamadeus is a group of dutch classically trained musicians and you hear that...
Shlomo Bat Ain - Azure Treasure
# I discovered this artist recently and must admit I'm quite happy about finding him.
Azure Treasure is a wonderful piece of Balearic Jazz IMO

12. International Music System - Mojave
# it is hidden between these electro cuts on the LP
Ned Doheny - I got your number

# mmmmh
General - Come ALone
# this one's coming from an hungarian soundtrack called "Kenguru". should be easy to find in Hungary

Hans Haider - Spanish Autumn
# coming from a nice Selected Sound library
16. ??
G. B. Beckers - September Flight / A Spanish Funeral

# the record was recorded in an art exhibition. It is called "Instead of Painting"
Richard Bartz - Kepler's Law

Finis Africae
- Los Genoveses
# I was in a record shop with a friend and had already paid. He was still listening to some records, so I strolled a bit through the store again and found this record that i've never seen or heard of before. I just tried it and knew immediately it was the best record I found in 5 days of digging .....
Nabatov String Gang & Percussion – Clave For Collin

# for the jazz heads: John Betsch involved.......

"The debut of Simon Nabatov is a great surprise... Not only four musicians communicating here - whole galaxies are dissolving into one another with fireworks and extravagant abundance"
H. Wagner, Stereoplay, November 1989

21. L'Art de Passage - Groovin Too

# open minded world jazz from East Germany 1989
. Should not be too difficult to find...
Jan Schaeffer –
Hot Sand
# from "
Blue Bridges And Red Waves"
23. Monika Linges – Running away
# that's what I call a record - all good!
Wutrio – Hello Hoeppel

# this one's tough to find. One of my favourite german scat jazz tracks.....
George Duke – For Love (I come your friend)

# if you happen to read this: Thanks, Man!

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