Monday, December 13, 2010

the joy of cooking tea - update

a little later than broadcasted here is November's Joy of cooking.


The Joy Of Cooking Tea:

01. "Music is The Healing Force Of The Universe" by Double X Project
02. "Wings Across The Sea" by Illusion
03. "Life Beyond The Darkness" by Sensations' Fix (thanks, Hatchback - thanks, Zeroy)
04. "La Voglio Di" by Mauro Pelosi
05. "Aspiring Answer" by Surya
06. "Una Splendida Emicrania" by Radar (thanks, Alexis)
07. "Born In Borneo" by Ken Dang (thanks, Tako)
08. "Born Loser" by Men Vision (thanks, Mitch)
09. "Basic" by Bostro Pesopeo
10. "..." by ,,,
11. "Are you ready" by The Equals (thanks, Paul, for the copy)
12. "Time To Let You Down" by Session Victim
13. "Out Of The Storm" by Incognito / Carl Craig Remix
14. "..." by ,,,
15. "..." by Joan Bibiloni
16. "Love Song" by Ralf Moufang
17. "Dreams" by Byrdland
18. "The Mollusk" by Ween (thanks Felipe oder Tobi)


JIRO said...

Any chance of a tracklist for all these great Joy of Cooking mixes?

shinya said...

this show represents this 2010 for me...

jack_faith said...

sounds great on headphones. Sure it'll be cookin' thru the stereo. Have to ask, the second track? Beautiful. and especially digging the flow at 18mins...

basso said...

tracklists for othe first shows are up on df and maybe even here.
tracklists for the recent shows follow sometime sooner or later.
sorry for the delay.

JIRO said...

Ah yes! Thanks again for these great mixes Basso.

basso said...

tracklist updated. there's parts missing but I'll puzzle that laters