Sunday, July 1, 2007

Petr Spaleny smokes Apollo pipes

Released in the early 70s probably this obscure LP holds some very special tracks. Mr. Spaleny's english is interesting. His voice is too. I'd bet he was announced as the czech Lee Hazlewood when he tingled through the bars behind the iron curtain. After having listened to it twice I was absolutely sure that this man might be at least a little humorous. Check his version of "Games people play" and try to listen to it all the way through. Be sure that it won't get any worse. Instead it's getting up in space or some other strange place. Just enter Mr. Spaleny's Apollo and fly off with the "Dalailama" to the "Blubbering Baby" and be sure to check if that "Pipe smoke is magic".


01. Dalailama 04:00
02. A Sleep Walking Fool 03:25
03. Pipe Smoke Is Magic 04:05
04. Sail With Me, Magdalena 02:00
05. The Mountain 03:55
06. Blubbering Baby 02:50

07. Games People Play 03:30
08. The Charms Of Joy 02:40
09. If I Were A Carpenter 03:40
10. I Am Very Grateful 03:40
11. Four Kinds Of Lonely 02:25
12. So Long, Good-bye 02:25


Petr Spaleny - vocal
Jan Spaleny - leader, baritone sax, alto sax, bass trombone, vocal, tone generator
Pavel Krejca - melophone, mandoline, vocal
Vladimir Bar - organ, piano, celesta, vocal
Eduard Parma - bass guitar, bass clarinet, vocal
Josef Svehla - trumpet, flügelhorn, percussion
Miloslav Zizka - drums



manyseven said...

very awesome blog! thank you very much

Lou Kash said...

More informations about Petr Spálený & Apollobeat here:
Spálený @ Funky Czech-In

thebabblebox said...

Any chance of getting a link here, basso?

Thank you.... (hopefully)

Anonymous said...

please, REUPLOAD... link is dead :-(

Likedeeler said...

As always, browsing your blog, spending some quality time reading, I discovered some great records I hadn't known of before. Thank you!

Анна Сталыго said...

I have this record! I am ready to sell you for $ 40. For more information, please contact the address

basso said...

I have this record too and I'm ready to sell it to you for less : )

Анна Сталыго said...

I have this record! I am ready to sell you for $ 40. For more information, please contact the address

Anonymous said...

Please reup!

Lou Kash said...

^^ You can buy the original Czech versions of most songs from this album here LEGALLY, and in FLAC:
The basic instrumental tracks are exactly the same recordings, only the lead vocals on Sail With Me were overdubbed in English. See also

basso said...

Thanks for the info Lukas!

Lou Kash said...

A word of warning regarding Supraphonline though… :)

I just looked through the offernings listed under and a couple of the "Hits" albums contain re-recorded versions from the 1990s and 2000s. You may safely skip those.

The recommended albums are:
• approx. the first half of
• a few tracks from
• also some tracks from

You can click on each track title to see the original recording date. Most tracks recorded before 1972-73 are great, with lots of soul; the later output is only of interest for those who can bear some "country & western"…