Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Xynn - Dreams about reality (1980 Vertigo)

Most of the tracks of the LP are pretty spacy pop songs. If someone told me they were influenced by David Bowie, i'd nod. If i say "I think Jean-Benoît Dunckel was influenced by Xynn", what would you respond? Listen to "Space (Dreaming again)" and tell me,
how does it feel? HERE


01. Dreams About Reality 07:18
02. A Brand New Day 05:35
03. Struggle Of Life 05:03
04. Xynnthetic Lady 06:56

05. White Violence 04:20
06. C'est Comme Moi 04:18
07. Join The Party 04:57
08. Space / Dreaming Again 09:22

The Xynnphonic Orchestra:

Xynn - keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals
Evert Van Der Wal - drums, percussion
Wally Warning - bass
Kristian Schultze / Thomas Molin - keyboards
Guiseppe Solera / Bobby Stern - flutes, saxophones
Billy Lang / Wesley Pass - electric guitars

Words and Music by Xynn, Arranged by Kristian Schultze
Produced by Thomas Molin and Xynn
Recorded @ Fun Studios Munich October 79


Anonymous said...

load it here:


Anonymous said...

thanx for posting

Anonymous said...

Please scan the lyrics inside the cover of this great album and share it too.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,

please buy the LP!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, really great advise, indeed!!! I'll follow it! Certainly!

basso said...

Hey arrogating anonymous,

I have a spare copy!!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to be the "arrogating" one. I just think that if you are so kind to share the music and the outer sleeve, so you will not have a great trouble to share the inner part of the sleeve (with lyrics) too. Thank you anyway and excuse me for making the impudent request.

Best regards,
Xynn fan

basso said...

hey xynn fan,
it might take me some days...


Anonymous said...

Hey Xynn-Fans...


The new german Fanpage is started.

Greetz, Roland

basso said...

Hallo Roland,

Deiner Internetseite habe ich entnommen, daß Xynn seine CDs u. DVDs auf seiner Internetseite zum Verkauf anbietet. Mein Download-Link ist bereits tot!

schöne Grüße und weiter so,

Ps. die Videos interessieren mich sehr. kann mann irgendwo Ausschnitte sehen?

basso said...

Hey guys. I just deleted the file.
Buy Xynn CDs & DVDs from the one & only Xynn himself here: http://www.mund-und-art.de/mund+art.htm?ilay/frstuck/xynn_cd-dvd.htm

cheers, Basso

Anonymous said...

Hallo Sebastian...

Im Namen von M.Winter (XYNN) danke ich Dir für die Entfernung der DL-Möglichkeit ;-)

Da Du ja, genau wie ich, ein Fan zu sein scheinst, meld Dich mal, zwecks Meinungs/Fakten/Gedankenaustausch...

Meine Adresse hast Du ja ;-)


basso said...

hi xynn fan,

got some pictures of the inner sleeve now. not really in top notch quality,
but you can read it. whrere can I send them to?

basso said...

here they are!

Anonymous said...

hi, basso!

Please send them to obrzobrz@gmail.com

Many thanx!

With best regards, xynn fan

Anonymous said...

Hi, basso!

Sorry, do not send them, I just didn't notice them at once on the blogpage.

Many thanx once more.

President Amilcar said...

Can you replace a new link or email me it please?

jovial said...

there's nothing worse than sleeping on something, like i slept on this peerless blog for so long. damn was i ever frustrated to find the link gone after hearing so much about this & realize that a lot of folks only discovering this incredible blog will undoubtedly feel the same way. i mean how else will anyone know if they wanna shell out the scratch, assuming they have it, for deez bygone records? on that note, a new link for dreams & computed man @ 320. big up to the russians or polish er whoevs fer upping em:



Anonymous said...

what happened to xynnthetic.de?
many thx to basso, and jovial for kindly pointing to the links, great first album, i cant stop listening...

xynndra said...

I've just uploaded the first videos to youTube. More to come ...
Please visit www.xynn.de. I'm busy to update it with lyrics, fotos and other stuff.
Thx for your interest!

the saucer people said...

Thanks to the uploader in the above comments who posted the two Xynn albums in 320, unfortunately the first one labelled "Xynn" is password protected so that was a bit of a waste of time as the pw is nowhere to be found on the net...luckily I found another 320 rip of Xynn's 1980 Computed Man album without a pw:


The other RS link to 'Dreams About Reality' works fine with no pw.

I totally appreciate Basso taking down the original link as all the albums are available from Xynn himself but coming from England and never hearing any of his music before it was well worth hearing the music first so I know what to buy....anyway, The Growing Bin has done its job by making people aware of Xynn in the first place and after all, links do not last forever!