Thursday, July 12, 2007

The tears of a clown

Wow - this guy's got equipment. And he's looking a bit funny, ha?
See what hapens when the mask is down - a nice & friendly guy.
This is not about discussing the shape of his nose,but lose a few words
about his music. It is a solo trip and a weird one.
Must have something to do with german humour which does exist -
just look at the cover! Friends of Luke Vibert's Nuggets will love this
rare beauty that sometimes sounds like the soundtrack to a C64 game.
My favourites are the mindbending "Galaxy Taxi" & the sexy "Dracula's Kuß".
Also recommended to fans of Klaus Schulze as there are also some mellow Berlin School tracks.

Auf wiedersehen, Basso


01. Solo Trip 03:11
02. Yeti 04:16
03. Galaxy Taxi 04:43
04. September

05. Dracula's Kuß 04:50
06. Jubel-Trubel 3:46
07. Minuetta 04:15
08. Ausklang 02:38

Produced by Achim "erst Grüne Reise und dann den Arsch an die Wand" Reichel.
1978 Strand Records (a sublabel of Teldec)


Anonymous said...

Oh no, where is the link? Please ... please ... please ...

basso said...

suddenly it appeared!!

FunkyMongoose said...

Thanks! this looks kinda crazy!

basso said...

i just found another copy of it.
if anyone's interested in getting the original LP - let me know, it will be affordable.


basso said...
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fliznoyd said...

OH lord I just discovered this blog and THat LP. please repost link!!!!

basso said...

Hey fliznoyd,

please use cosmo's link.
if you need the backcover, i'll post it here. just tell me..

basso said...

fliznoyd said...

Thank you much!