Thursday, July 12, 2007

давайте танцевать!

I used an online translator for the title. It is an invitation to move the body to a rhythm. This rhythm is a disco beat with spacy synthesizers à la Quartz or Droids or Arpadys or any of that spatial french goodies. This LP was released in '82. They have at least one other out. I used to have that one maybe 10 years ago, but didn't like and gave it away. Was that a mistake?
I've seen it a few times on ebay, but the price was always far more than the 1 Deutsche Mark I've paid back then. Now I have this here and I'm quite confident with it. The title is "Music in the universe" and the back cover says that the "Programme is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Soviet astronautics".
Right on!


01. A Mysterious Galaxy 04:45
02. Laser Illuminations 04:11
03. A Silver Dream 03:32
04. Photofinish 04:43

05. The Sky's Back 05:17 (THIS IS THE D-BOMB)
06. The Saturn's Delight 03:47
07. Flight Over El Dorado 05:07


Janis Lusens - piano, Yamaha SK-50 D
Aivars Gudrais - guitar
Dzintars Sagens - guitar
Ivars Pijlka - bass guitar
Andris Reinis - percussion

Musical Director: Janis Lusens


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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the music!

Meester Music said...

Actually, the translation literally means, "Give Dance".

Personally, will take "Give Wodka" over dance any day.

Nice blog!!

basso said...

thanks for the translation help.
the online translator i used says that i means "let's dance" but anyway i'm with the wodka.

андрей said...

Hi Basso.
i'm from Russia. So actually your last translation "Let's dance" is correct. But this is just slogan.
Btw the real name of this group
is Zodiak and the name of the album
is "Music In The Universe"
It was released in 1982 by the band from Lithuania.
best regards & thx for your posts

Anonymous said...

Big Bbig Sharing.

"This file is password protected."
Where is password?
Please show me.

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Anonymous said...

> password:
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Sorry, what do you mean?
I can NOT understand.
Please help!!

basso said...

Hi all you anonymous guests.

i guess the password is password.
it's that easy!!


Anonymous said...

Hi basso!
First, I guessed like that.
I tried to type password.

Then divshare said
• Sorry, that password is incorrect.

The other I tried is Password, PASSWORD, ..........
But still same thing going.
Do probably because of fucking safari or firefox?

So thank you for advice, basso.

Anonymous said...

You are Great!!!!!!
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Basso, could you please re-up the album? Many thanks!!!

phat chim said...

a real-up would be great

Evan said...

seconded phat for the re up!

Frank said...

Wow, this seems quite nice. Is it possible to re-upload this one? Thanks!

basso said...

sorry that it took me so long:

Frank said...

Yeah, this rocks !!! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

can you upload this on something other than rapidshare? it's been going through some changes and won't allow free downloads. thanks!

basso said...

try in daytime. in th evening rapidshare is heavily frequented... I just donloadded stuff today and it works.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice blog!
Some corrections and adds:
"давайте танцевать!" - it means "let's dance!"

Zodiac - Music In The Universe (1983)

Label: Melody (USSR)
Catalog #: С60-18365-6


1. A Mysterious Galaxy
2. Laser Illuminations
3. A Silver Dream
4. Photofinish
5. The Sky's Back
6. The Saturn's Light
7. Flight Over El Dorado

All selections composed by Janis Lusens
Recorded at Melody's Sound Record Studio, Riga, Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, 1982

Janis Lusens - piano, Yamaha SK-50D
Ivars Gudrais - guitar (2-4, 6)
Dzintars Sagens - guitar (1, 5, 7)
Ivars Pilka - bass guitar
Andris Rainis - drums

Album was dedicated to 25th Anniversary of Soviet Space Program

basso said...

"I used an online translator for the title. It is an invitation to move the body to a rhythm."
Like dancing ; )