Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chameleons are funny animals

These guys call themselves turtles but behave like chameleons -
not only musically (the pictures of the inner fold are included in the .zip file).
Big Time. I only knew that sort of tourism through the musical categories from Ween. The Lightning Seeds covered "You showed me" and the Beastie Boys sampled "I'm chief Kamanawamalea". Enough of them names, here's the songs:

01. The U.S. Teens featuring Raoul - The Battle Of The Bands (The Opening)
02. The Atomic Enchillada - The Last Thing I Remeber
03. Howie, Mark, Johny, Jim & Al - Elenore
04. Quad City Ramblers - Too Much Heartsick Feeling
05. The L.A. Burts '66 - Oh, Daddy!
06. The Fabulous Dawgs - Buzzsaw

07. The Cross Fires - Surfer Dan
08. Chief Kamanawanalea & his Royal Macadamian Nuts - I'm Chief Kama...
09. Nature's Children - You Showed Me
10. The Bigg Brothers - Food
11. Fats Mallard & The Bluegrass Fireball - Chicken Little Was Right
12. All of the above together - Earth Anthem (The Closing)

The Turtles:

Howard Kaylan - Fisrt chair vocalist
Mark Volman - Vocals, Special Effects
Al Nichol - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Pons - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Johnny Barbata - Percussion, Occasional Vocals

Produced by Chip Douglas, Arranged by The Turtles & Chip Douglas
Recorded @ Gold Star Studios, Hollywoof in the year 1968
released on the White Whale Label as WWS 7118 in 1968



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