Thursday, July 12, 2007

Viva Mexico!

Great stripped trio-jazz from Mexico. Guitar, bass & drums.
That's it. The mood sometimes reminds me of Tommy Guerrero's
"Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues". But these tunes here are much more
experimental with funky breaks well hidden in complex structures.
No head nodding here.


01. Inocencia
02. El Jinete
03. La Danza Del Juego
04. El Extranjero
05. El Matador

06. La Broma
07. La Despedida
08. Correo Negro
09. Katherine
10. Dedicacion

Released on the mexican Orfeon Label Orfeon LP-12-1090



Anonymous said...

thanks for all your work

Likedeeler said...

Thanks a lot! Just listening and it sounds cool. Best wishes from Berlin

blueadam said...

another amazing post. you have fantastic taste. thanks for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Hi would it be possible to upload again the file please? I really would like to download this lp!
Thanks in advance.

Jonathan said...

link is dead on this guy... thanks!

basso said...

I'll see if I find it somewhere.

marram62 said...

creamin' over here! awesome..just freakin' awesome!

orlando said...

Please upload again. link is dead....
Thanks for such a fantastic blog.

basso said...

third upload:

orlando said...

Many thanks for the upload.

I have been discovering some great music here.


Eduardo said...

Hi is it possible to have a new upload for this work please? thanks a lot, blessings