Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks, Michael !

BIG THANKS!!!!! to Michael who was so kind to record this excellent russian Jazz LP. It's the Allegro Jazz Ensemble's first LP from 1980. Both sides seem to be suites again (just like on their "In This World" LP). Long and beautiful tracks...... Enjoy!


basso said...

Michael said...

It's link for first LP by Allegro Jazz Ensemble
It's a rip from my vynil from 80's
Unfortunately some LP's
came out without the original envelope covers
in archive I put photo bandleader

Anonymous said...

thamkz 4 your job!!!!!!!

Michael said...

Hi friends!
I think I make something good for you!
And I continue!

ee said...


the jazzstronaut said...

Many thanks, Basso...and Michael.

Michael said...

Hi friends !
I continue

Third LP by
Allegro Jazz Ensemble - джаз-ансамбль «Аллегро»
-it's The Golden Mean - «Золотая середина»
my vynil rip for you
make today

basso said...

many thanks for your help and work Michael! I will make proper post of the Allegro LPs tomorrow. Thanks again! Basso

Michael said...

If you like
I make rip from next LP by Allegro Jazz ensemble
and some tracks from festival LP's

basso said...

Great!! Thanks A LOT