Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nightcrawlers - Spacewalk

Nightcrawlers - Atmosphere Records, 1985 - Spacewalk

Second album from Nightcrawlers, providing some fine Berlin School electronics, enjoy!

Pete Gulch - synthesizers
Tom Gulch - synthesizers
Dave Lunt - synthesizers



litlgrey said...

New Jersey's best to you...

øשlqæda said...

ptrond + growing bin = 7th heaven

Horatio Hufnagel said...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I was looking for both nightcrwalers lp..but no chance...

thanks for all your work.

PS: i got the bruno spoerri & retro weber - controlled risk. if your are interested I could rip it.

cheerio from vienna,

basso said...

@ Trond: MASSIVE!!
@Manuel: Please do so : )
Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more Nightcrawlers if you have it.



Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

What a great post,
thank you Trond.

@Manuel: Please share it :)
@Dave: I should have somewhere at home two rare Nightcrawlers releases from 1980 & 1982

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house303 said...

A great one indeed!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Re: your rare Nightcrawlers ... glad to hear it and looking forward to it.

Thanks a bunch.


redchapterjubilee said...

Just got around to listening to this one. This was right up my alley! Would love to hear more from Nightcrawlers.

Anonymous said...


Why do I get the feeling that anonymous "Dave" (from September 13th 2011) could be Dave Lunt himself.

Though that would be pretty cool hunh?

So somebody has to send me an E-mail as to how I can get a superb copy of any of their albums.

I have their 1st one on cassette tape but you know how dirty they can get. I also have the spacewalk LP but that's a little bit scratchy.



Anonymous said...

Back in 1987 I came across an album called "Nightcrawlers" by a band of the same name. I loved the album and have never come across anything else by them, leading me to believe they were a one-album wonder. Great to discover I've been wrong all these years. Many thanks for the posting.


Timothy Ready said...

This is a fabulous blog. I love Kosmische, but there is so much here I've never heard...great work, many thanks.