Monday, September 5, 2011

out of this world: In This World

Now here you have some Russian Jazz. I'm far from being an expert in Jazz from Russia but I guess there must be tons out there. Only have some Allegro, Arsenal, Bumerang and Kutsenko, ... and here is my fave among them: The Allegro Jazz Ensemble's "In This World" from 1981. Powerful sound with partly funky rhythms and some solid synths.... and then there's that bass in the last tune......... Both sides are suites, but I dared to divide them into parts.


basso said...


Simon666 said...

nice one basso, thanks:)

mhdotcom said...

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

I am enjoying it!
thank you

Φρικτός Νάνος said...

hi basso.the keyboard guy named Levinovsky ? just to cure my curiosity.

the jazzstronaut said...

Great stuff basso, thanks.

Michael said...

Respect for you
it's a second LP by jazz ensemble Nikolay Levinovsky
and very rare
because not many printing
I have three next LP's jazz ensemble Allegro
( first album called "Contrasts" 1981,
second - "The Golden Mean " 1985
and third -"Sphinx" 1986
If you want
I make rip by request

Anonymous said...


basso said...

@ diagilev: i can't read kiryllic, but michael has verified the levinovsky.
@ michael: i am most intetested in contrasts because i don't know it. Both "golden mean" and" sphinx" are great too. I'd be happy about any rip :)
Mans thanks for your offer!

Michael said...

Please wait a few days and
I ripping this LP's
for you and for all society!


WOW !!!
Great ! Many Thanks

Michael said...

It's link for first LP by Allegro Jazz Ensemble
It's a rip from my vynil from 80's
Unfortunately some LP's
came out without the original envelope covers
in archive I put photo bandleader

basso said...

Thanks so much, Michael!
Just made a post from it incl. photos of my copy (it was hidden in a crate I almost never touch) : )

matt s. said...

Didn't even know there Russian jazz LP's out there1 This should be a good listen, thank you

Laci said...

Thanks to original uploader. Would you like to know another jazz-rock/fusion stuff from the former USSR? I recommend you the Dustar ensemble and their album "The Black River" (1988).
If you will like it you may post it for everyone as a new topic.