Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aetheral Swimsuit

Bliss is the word. Just imagine it was summer.... I can tell you this lovely LP works pretty nice with some sand under your feet............. Here's Suzanne Ciani's first LP from 1982. A trip and a peaceful one. I would have called her a new age pianist, if I didn't read a tiny bit about her work.... so now I'll call her a classical music composer. Anyway - this one is out on CD, so I won't keep the link up for a long time. There's also a bunch of used LPs to be found in the web! I hope you guys understand that I won't react to reupping requests after a week or two. I just want to promote wonderful stuff like this.


Tim/ Mosquito said...

yes!!! thank you so much!

thebabblebox said...


Lets go swimming.

Anonymous said...

thaaaaanks !! ;] greets from Poland!

Anonymous said...


lovely indeed, thankyou

Gianni said...

relaxing, cool, sweet, elegant.
very interesting lp.

Maestro said...

Dear basso,

In the albums you uploaded for me there is just one tracks left.

It's track number:

6. Schiedam centre opus 2

May I ask you to upload this one too?

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

James said...

Yo! Basso,

Downloading here in LAX waiting for a connection. First time I have access to BB in 2 months. Looking forward to this for the next flight. Its actually cold in LA today.

Frohe Weihnachten & ein gutes Neues Jahr...