Sunday, September 7, 2008

Anna's Resumee: "Honesty has many faces - so have I"

The title of this post was translated from german and I got it from the info-sheet that came with the LP. It included a very straightforward letter from Mrs. Dobiey, adressed to the listener. I'll translate this another day ............ I hope you can read the text on the back cover, so lazy Basso doesn't have to type all the names like Kolonovits, Daansen & Pfannmüller that might make you curious about this here LP. It was recorded in Frankfurt about 1981 and is pretty interesting ; )
Please leave a comment if you know her personally! Also leave a comment if you don't!


Anonymous said...

allez allez rocks! thanks!

Anonymous said...

welcome back basso! looking forward to checking into this one!

Gianni said...

hi Basso,
this lp is is totally new for me.
very cool sounds!
I like it!
thank you

basso said...

I'm glad you like it.
You're up next!!

bruce said...

Hey Basso,
I used to work in a record store during the eighties, and this here record was standing in this store until I left in 1989, and no one (including me) has ever touched it. What made it suspicious was the record company, Bellaphon, which wasn't known for authentic independent music but for third class disco- and twee-stuff.
Gonna give it a try now finally. Thx for the interesting post. Where did you dig it up, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Basso!!!alan

basso said...

Hi Bruce,
unfortunately I don't remeber it right. It's probably 2 years ago in Southern Germany I guess, somewhere near Stuttgart or Bamberg... where has your shop been (or still is)?
cheers and thanks to all of you for your comments,

Claus-Juergen Pohl said...

Thank you Basso,
this LP is the first trace of Anna since the eighties. I knew her personally (as a friend) and did not see or hear a thing since she left frankfurt back then. She had plans to go to the U.S.A. (I think she wanted to go to L.A.) - Does anyone know where she lives now and how she is?

Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany


Harmonix said...

First, I'd like to say thanks Basso for the great drop, as usual. But, Track 10 is named "African Queen" by Allez Allez (when played in Itunes). Is that supposed to be? I know that the actual file is called Resumee by Annie. Let me know.


basso said...

Something must have gone wrong with the mp3 encoding. SOrry for that! But it is for sure Anna instead of Allez Allez

Harmonix said...

That's fine. Thanks for the quick reply.


jovial said...

ey basso, kindly re-up this one. thx

Cayo Romero said...

You know anything else about Anna Dobiey? I really enjoyed it !!!

Cayo Romero said...

You could translate the letter that comes in her album? Basso.