Friday, July 25, 2008


I hope the picture of the back cover is good enough to get an idea of the instrumentation of this album. The Fichter brothers recorded it in Bruno Spoerri's studio where they probably found a LOT of electronic equipment to play with. And how lovely they played. Listen to "Dreamworld's Symphony" and fly to DREAMWORLD.........


Eddie said...

Hi Folks.
Remember me. I was flying too.

Zalman said...

I have a request friends.

Please check these Sample Tracks:

If you know any of these tracks or Composers let me know please.

Thanks for spending your time and checking these Tunes.

The tracks: 5,6,7 and 8 are really important to me.

Thanks in advance.

Also thanks for this great album by Dreamworld.
I hope you can share their second and last album.


Gianni said...

I like it!
thanks Basso!

Calisan said...

Wooow! this is a keyboard space journey! really nice! what a surprise!
Cheers from Mexico!

constant reps said...

Diggin the site man. Peace

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. Ok Here is a trivia piece. These guys Dreamworld were actual part of a German Krautrock band called Yatha Sidhra.
Yatha recorded one album Meditation Mass in 1973 and there are dreamy wordless vocal, flute and nice electric piano and Moog synthesizer overtones. This is eastern i.e. indian influenced laid back instrumental krautrock. This has been long forgotten and to show you it stands the test of time Meditation Mass is now available on cd. GET IT. Its way better than anything else they have done since!

Anonymous said...

any way this can be reup'd? got a really strong interest in this album

basso said...

here you are:

J Thyme...kind said...

Hi BASSO, Any chance of a link on your sidbar for my page? Diggin' your page. Thanks for all the work & your great tastes.

basso said...

You've been there before. Don't understand why I took you out there.
Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

don't fly too low Eddi!

missing krauts else.. JayB