Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the joy of baking cookies

in winter i stay next to the stove where it's warm and cozy and i live from cookies only.....

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the joy cooking  download and streams
best web radio ever


Quiet Storm
Christo Retendor
Douar Nevez
Über Dem Berg
The Cavern
Isle Royal
For The Rest Of My Life (Thank you, Chee!)
Hangover In Hannover
Christmas In Spain (Edit for Afro & Tako)
Take My Number
Pane Caldo
Transylvanian Countess
Il Nostro Caro Angelo
Standing Together
Il Vendedor De Promesas (also for this one!!!)


Sooor said...

perfect Christmas listening.

Thanks alot for this lovely selection.

basso said...

Danke Dir - Frohes Fest!

will said...

hey basso, love this one! Having a little trouble with Hangover In Hannover... Who's the artist?

will said...

nvm found it on your soundcloud- Your the superstar!