Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Herb Pilhofer - Spaces

Herb Pilhofer - Spaces (Sound 80, 1979)

Having heard some of Pilhofer's fine librarymusic in the classical vein, I was curious about this jazzy album. It has its moments, and do check out Pilhofer's liner notes.

Side A
1 - South Dakota Strut
2 - Where Is One?
3 - One Day At A Time
4 - No Two Trees Are Alike

Side B
1 - Snake Pit
2 - Ballad S. Miguel
3 - Pipe Dreams



the jazzstronaut said...

Thank you. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you.

Tristan Stefan said...

wow this is really realy amazing stuff, the composed tracks are really imaginative and totally unique. Any suggestions on the library stuff that might be good from same composer?

Pornotrond said...

Same to you, the jazzstronaut!

Hi Tristan Stefan, just posted a Pilhofer-album over at Dusty Shelf for you to check out. Btw, thanks for all the wonderful music on your amazing blog!


Tristan Stefan said...

thank you!

basso said...

found the moments at the end of each side. nicest moments are these. thanks a TON!

boogieman said...

Thanks & Happy New Year.
Sun Ship posted an early LP by Herb Pilhofer Trio on his blog a while ago.
If there is a demand I may try and convince my good buddy Paul D. to rip his copy of the rare Herbert Pilhofer 4te & Nonet "Music with the Modern Touch" on red vinyl (c. 1959).
Drop me a line if interested.


Michael said...