Tuesday, March 15, 2011


the atlantic ocean as seen from La Gomera's south coast.
the joy of cooking #7 is availaible for download (just register...) and streams over at http://www.deepfrequency.com/ now - here.
Must admit it's a little sweeter than the last shows as it was supposed to be one of the soundtracks to my holidays in the sun that are now officially over. it was nice listening to it and watching the seagulls play in the sky...... enjoying the scent of grilled tuna with avocado sauce and canarian wrinkly potatoes.
Playlist follows. Cheers!


Sooor said...

Great selection.
The Dexter Wansel tune at the beginning is a favorite of mine as well.

And can you tell me if Music To Read Books By III is still on deepfrequency? Can't find it there. :(

basso said...

Hi Sooor, here's a link to it.
I have been invited by Disco Jesus for Cosmic Connections.


check out this one also:


I made "Myrrh, Gold & Frankinsense" also for one of the Cosmic Connections shows and it's one of my favourite Basso mixes if I may say that. There is a tracklist to it and even Felix Dickisnon was among the spotters ; )

Sooor said...

Thanks, basso.
Downloading both mixes now. :)

longshoredrifter said...

'joy of cooking' nourishing as always. cheers basso.

Sooor said...

Can we expect a tracklist for this anytime soon?

basso said...

maybe the weekend?!?

Sooor said...

Yeah, that'd be great. :)

shoebird said...

basso, amazing work! my favorite so far. truly amazing, thank you.

basso said...