Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Band Of The World - Equatorial Planes (2011)

On my quest for Silver Seeds and Poison Gold i crossed the Sauce Cosmos just recently.
What a ride! I've been attacked by Jungle Jacks trying to Lengthen
my Shadows with Real Mirrors. ALready saw myself in an Air Burial
but survived by riding away on Race Worms MkII. We were riding through Waves of DNA until finally we landed on Soap Island to rest and spin some of our favourite Discs.
The Band of the World is Josh Rachenbach and Lisa Pace. They are a cube field electronic band from Los Angeles. BIG thanks to Josh for sending the link to the equatorial plane trip!


zerzausung said...

Uuhu, just arrived: Listening to this while sitting in the warmth of the sun. What a trip. Btw, have to admit, I already had some tears of joy with your blog. ;) So good! Shit - it's coming again - it's Gert Thrue! - Or maybe still the jetlag.
Greeting from Brunswick, Bassi!

basso said...

welch eine Freude! Kommst Du grad aus dem Urlaub?

zerzausung said...

Gewissermaßen. Hatte ab 16.00h ne Äquator-Überquerung vom offenen Arbeitszimmerfenster aus - nicht mehr, ABER auch nicht weniger!! Euer Blog ist ein echter Quell der Freude! Und damit Du nicht gleich ein Handtuch brauchst, bring ich meine Freude über die Mixes und Ep mal anderer Stelle unter...

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...