Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the joy of cooking #6

tonite at 22.00 CET - 9 grenwich time. #6 will be on air.
Expect less 80s sound and a little more jazz this time.
Links for download and streams will be up as soon as the show's archived.
Cheers, Basso!

in the archives now. ready for your downloads and streams

Now here's the tracklist for february's joy of cooking.
AGAIN it took me some time to pull them out,
but finally a little cold helped me.

Propeller Island - Hanne's Jingle
comes from a fantastic LP! Humorous and intelligent Kraut Electronics
Stephen Schlaks – Gorgeous you’re right
love it love it love it love it
Mario Paech - Palma De Mallorca
comes from a wonderful compilation from the late 80s. Copies
Rob – Never Enough
Rob's 2nd longplayer is a true winner "sounds best when: you heard it 30 times"
Sunrise Orchestra – Un Dia Ta Bini
When you dig a little deeper in here (blog) youll find a longplayer by these guys. The track here comes from their first that arrived here just last week.
Shivananda – Calor
Swiss Jazzrock. Erste Sahne!
Sanlucar – Caballo Negro
Manolo Sanlucar has quite some LPs out. I think this is from his first called Sanlucar. Basso has a soft spot for funky flamenco .....
Manzanitas (Edit)
Yes he does!
Riccardo Zappa - Chatka
I'm a true fan of Riccardo Zappa. This is from his first and features Tullio De Piscopo on drums and Tempera on synthsDiscogs just told me the bassman also played on the Wild Magnolias records!! If you like it check out Riccardo's 80s LPs. Just as nice plus adding a bit of New Age and Balearica.
Joaquim Habana – I Love Berlin
mmmhhh... the guy's on fire. The track is coming from an obscure mid 80s soundtrack and it's so nice that everything changed over the years and nothing really changed....
Der Grüne Engel - Radioaktivität
haha! what devil made me do it? Playing this track might have been on step too deep into Pandora's box of obscure little ditties, but now it's here and it's an interesting one. Privately pressed on 7" only this insane ANTI ATOMKRAFT (Anti Nuclear Power) Song from the early 80s wonders me any time I hear it. Using Kraftwerk like vocal-hooks sung by children over a bassline strongly "inspired" by Key West's "Shake Together", the flipside of "Wanna Groove" - WTF
Alberto Cheri - Io non so se (Edit)
Anch'iobut I know this is from his "Cavalli Alati" album
Dsh! Dsh! - Космос (Edit)
Came across these guys because D-Pulse remixed one of their tunes. the track is stretched a tiny bit. it came from CD anyway ; )

Jupiter Tunig Center - Doveshit
Big thanks to Frank for this track. Check out his tracks on Soundcloud.
There's a LOT of good stuff!!

John Stewart – Blonde Stars (Edit)
I love this track and edited it a bit, so pleasure time lasts a little longer
Loredana - Io resto senza il basso (Edit)
same here
Dudley Perkins - Falling
I promise I'll never use a shitty mp3 burned to CD for a mix again. I couldn't find the damn record and WANTED it. Next time I'll kill my darling!
Funky Jojo Band - ??
Private Pressed Hamburg Jazz Funk from the early 80s . Totally my hobby-horse.... No info nowhere
Lindwurm – Streichgeigenhansel
another private one. the whole record is damn great. I think there's a rip at Mutant Sounds?
Ambi & Arno – For You
I found some copies of a "private" compilation called "Musik Szene Saar" ditributed by Bellaphon about 2 years ago and there's really a couple of great tunes on it. Various styles.... I heard it is now pretty hyped and of course damn expensive because of the ONE electronic track. Maybe this is one for thegrowingbin! Anyway Ambi & Arno have two tracks on the comp and "For You" is the one!
New Trace Quartet – Downtown (Edit)
try and find this! let me know if you found something. I'm damn curious. Only have the one track on a early 80s comp sponsored by the ministry of cultural something and I'd love to hear more
Broadcast – Message From Home
Rest in peace!
Affinity – United States Of Mind
this is the closing track, cheers!


Sooor said...

Nice. Think I'll be tunig in.

Also enjoying "Music To Read Books By" in the last days.
Would you share a tracklist for that one?

basso said...

Hi Sooor, which of the 3 Music to read books by are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Hey Basso, a tracklist to all 3 'Music to Read..' mixes would be fantastic, they don't seem to be up anywhere.

Keep up the great work!!!


Zeroy said...

#6 was a JOY! First time I've managed to catch the full broadcast. Won't be the last. Good stuff throughout!

basso said...

Thanks Zeroy, I feel honoured : )

Here's a tracklist of "MUSIC TO READ BPKS BY, PART III" for everybody interested:

Zero 7 - Futures
Jeff Liberman - Transformation
1. Futurologischer Kongress - Fair Light
Christian Darré - Perceneige
Craig Leon - One Hundred Steps
Earforce Band - Spaceflight II
Ralph Lundsten - Cosmo Nova
Irmin Schmidt - Im Herzen des Hurrikan
Giovanni Cristiani - Violence Love
Rüdiger Oppermann - Nebelreiter
Dutch Treats - San Sebastian
James Vincent - Etüde 20
Li Garratoni - Child of Venus/Orbital Star
Giovanni Cristiani - Dancing For Diletta
Müller, Ludin, Höfler - Tage des Friedens
Geoff Bastow - Tomorrow's City
Eroc - Von der Insel
Toti Soler - all (can't find the track, but Toti's great anyway)
cheers, Basso


Sooor said...


I was referring to "Music To Read Books By II" - the one that was posted on noise in my head.

Sooor said...

Ah, I just saw that there's a tracklist on the noise in my head homepage... great :)

Sooor said...

Could you make "Music To Read Books By III" downloadable?

As far as I know, it's only on deepfrequency but you can't download the shows there.


basso said...

You CAN download the shows on deepfrequency. all you have to do is sign up. It won't hurt! I'm sgned up as well and I receive 2 email-announcements per year from them!! They are the good guys : )