Friday, February 4, 2011

Electronic Butterflies

Dan Lacksman is a funny guy. You knew that before but anyway here's a bit of the proof.
If you take the time to listen all the way through the happy, silly, moogy popcorn tunes from A1 to the lovely B1 called Lullaby, B2 will hit you like a etheral meteorite and push you deep into your seat. Almost 13 minutes of Skylab might work like a drug. So please do me a favour and don't skip ; )
Cheers, Basso

Thanks Jamie for the picture and thanks Andrew for making me aware of it's existance!


BCR said...

lovely, thanx!

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

Skylab is great!
thank you

Julian said...

wasnt patient enough to through all the other songs in their entire length first, but skylax is something a psyched version of "love you every day"

vielen dank für diese platte!

Jamie said...

With a tear in my eye i said goodbye to that sleeve. It has a happy new home in Amsterdam now though ;) Thanks back at you Basso :)

basso said...

You must be crazy! Ah no, didn't you say you have the track on another record?

Jamie said...

Still weighs heavy on my heart ;) ..but yes Electronic Butterflies is actually a German issue of The Electronic System - Tchip Tchip LP

love love love that Electronic Butterflies sleeve

the saucer people said...

This has to be one of the most incongruous albums I think I have ever heard....the album starts with 'Tschip Tschipa' which an entire generation of 80s youth will later know as 'The Birdy Song'; goes through a series of muzak erm...delights and ends with 'Skylab' a true seventies outtaspace jazzy-funkoid epic...Mr Lacksman was on fire!

By the way, cover of the year; no contest!

basso said...

Pretty fitting review :)
Thanks Saucer People!