Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Electro Heavy VS Acoustic Light

Balloons is a well balanced set of duets by two highly skilled keyboardsmen with a cosmic focus. Three of the compositions are full on space jazz synthesizer workouts. All instruments are keyboards; what sounds like guitar shreds on a couple tunes are in fact hard driven synths. In contrast to the electro tracks are a couple more relaxed excursions into concert grand piano space.
Jasper van't Hof is playing: Bösendorfer Imperial Acoustic Concert Grand Piano, PPG Synthesizer, PPG Wave Computer, Prepared Organ, Fender Piano
Joachim Kühn is playing: Roland Jupiter4 Synthesizer, ARP 16 voice Electric Piano, Acoustic Concert Grand Piano



Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

it was in my want-list.
thank you Zeroy

basso said...

Saw it in Zeroy's wantlist ; )
and got pretty curious. thanks for posting it. on the download now...

basso said...

Oh my god. Now I understand! This is such a beauty..... Thanks Zeroy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice one. a quality blog.


banal rasaritdesoare said...

hey basso, can you please re-up it?