Friday, February 5, 2010

Questions Answered

Delay Tactics was an experimental synth and guitar project from the early to mid 80s. Carl Weingarten, David Udell, and Walter Whitney recorded 2 lps, the first in '82 and this one in '84. The band name is from Weingarten's guitar delay technique which to my ears sounds a lot like Klaus Bloch's ping-pong system. Listen to 'Kites' on this record and you'll hear what I'm referring to.

Any Questions?


basso said...

yeah, to be honest I was waiting for that one. can't wait to dl.... Thank you very much!!!!

jack_faith said...

checking this now. Certainly one to return to. Thanks again, z.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

ciao Zeroy,
what can I say about this lp?
it's a Masterpiece.
thank you!
I owe you one.

Anonymous said...

this is very nice. Thanks!

quatermass said...

Grazie per questo album, veramente tosto.

Ho scoperto da poco il blog, mi piacerebbe ascoltare la compilation

DANCE & ROMANCE che avete pubblicato tempo fa.

se vi è possibile

grazie ancora

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Klaus Bloch, might we have some of that? Thank you!!

basso said...

Klaus is selling reissues of his legendary records. Cared for pressing and distribution himself and it'd be a shame to do him harm by spreading his music for free in the net. Please buy his records / CDs. They are worth every penny!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, its nice to buy even vinyl copies via klaus' wife.
great album here, thanks.