Monday, February 1, 2010


Gruezi Mitteinand!
Here you have a fusion LP from Switzerland. I really love it when musicians dare to show a little humour. That's why I dig Wolfgang Dauner or Guru Guru that much. These dudes here don't have to hide in the mountains.... they really rock!
This diversified Jazz LP with influences of Reaggae, Funk and "World Music" was produced by the well known Bruno Spoerri (Voice of Taurus IS available on a remastered CD, folks! Go out and buy it or stay in and order.. or here.)
It's FUN!
Cheers, Basso


Anonymous said...

oh no! rapidshare again!!!

polypod said...

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Miles said...

the vagueness of your description here has piqued my curiosity to hear this. that along with your mention of the all important ingredient of humor. thank you.

Zeroy said...

Started looking before the first track was halfway through. Of course there are NONE out there. This is right up my alley.
Certified gem.
Thanks Basso

Anonymous said...

Excellent record! thank u greatly!!

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

what a great surprise!
just added in my wantlist,
thank you Sebastian