Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If you believe the hype this is cosmic disco at it's best ; ) If you don't it's still a darn nice electronic album that has some juicy disco rhythms. Some funky drums as well and a good portion of obscure sounds coming out of Julius Vilnonis selfmade Vilnius-5 electronic organ!!
The best thing about the music: just like this LP it is composed for theatre plays, performances, ballet and that kinda weird stuff.
The Argo Electronic Music Group used to be sort of the houseband of the Kaunas Musical Theatre in Lithuania. The sound of this record isn't too brilliant. I know a good couple of guys who own this record and it's the same with all of them copies - looks mint & sounds shit. Nevertheless have a listen and feel free to do some modern dance ......



Agent Double said...

Sounds good thanks Basso

basso said...

Crazy stuuf over there, Thanks Mellow!