Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tsukasa Ito - Soundfiction

Here’s a your chance to sit back and contemplate over these wonderful tunes Tsukasa Ito offers us in his latest mix for the growing bin.

I have the fondest memories of listening to Tsukasa play at Shelter in 2012. Having not slept for three days in a row before this evening due to an insane jetlag made me embrace his warm and subtle soundscapes even more. If you followed his excellent collection of mixes over the years (great examples here, here, here & here) you know what I mean. If you’re in Tokyo don’t miss one of the monthly nights Tsuakasa is celebrating with Chee and Ginji out in 〒192-0071 Hachiōji-shi at SHELTER

Thank so much Tsukasa. Now here’s Soundfiction

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Anonymous said...

Hey Basso! :D Have you seen the new lib music forum yet? It's at and it seems like it might be up your alley- about 300 LPs there already, some weirdo electronic and disco/funk stuff there so far.